What is PLA ? Where to buy PLA filaments at cheaper rates ?

PLA FIlament magenta

PLA Filament stands for Polylactic Acid Filament

PLA Filament ist the most used 3D filament, not only because it is easy to get but also because it is easy to use. PLA is sourced with renewable energies like sugar cane or sugar starch. As PLA is derived from sugar cane or sugar starch it gives a sweet smell while printing.

Aesthetically, PLA-printed objects usually have a glossy finish, and they tend not to warp as much as ABS objects. However, PLA doesn’t have as high a flexing tolerance as ABS. It’s more likely to snap when bent. Polylactic Acid is best for 3D Printers who are just starting out as it is forgiving when printed. It is perfect for rapid prototyping and is normally the go to material if you want something done fast.

It’s also ideal for artists, due to its ease of use and glossier finish. However, if you want to print extremely intricate designs, interlocking assemblies, or pin-joints, you would likely benefit more from ABS

But keep in mind that PLA can not stand high temperatures, as it becomes soft around 50°C and it is not suitable for long term outdoor applications.


  • Material: PLA
  • Diameter: 1.75mm+ & 3mm (+/-0.1mm)
  • Processing temp.: 180°C – 220°C
  • Weight: ca. 1,0kg

– 1 spool, 1 KG

Where to buy ?

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