PETG Filaments: How 3D Printing with PETG works

PETG Filament Nunus grün

PETG filaments are assembled by 3D printers into wonderful objects. Elements printed from PETG are very durable, resistant to UV light and unbreakable. They have very special outstanding properties and can even be used for food safe objects. PETG is therefore very popular for certain applications, and so we would like to briefly summarize the most important facts about this filament here:

What are PETG filaments?

PETG consist of polyethylene terephthalate. Here a preparation with glycol takes place. PETG is a resistant and solid material that has strong mechanical properties and good thermal stability. In addition, this material is also resistant to many chemicals.

PETG Filament storage

As a rule, manufacturers deliver PETG in airtight packaging. At home, you should store the filaments as cool, dry and in a dark room as possible.

What PETG filaments are suitable for

Due to the very limited shrinkage, this material is mainly suitable for larger objects. In addition, PETG Filaments have better thermal and mechanical properties than PLA and ABS. PETG is therefore heat resistant up to about 90 degrees Celsius. In this case, printing takes place at temperatures of 230 to 255 degrees Celsius. In order for the individual printing layers to adhere well to each other, a heating bed with a temperature of about 60 to 80 degrees Celsius is therefore required. The processing temperatures required for the respective filament are bindingly specified in our product descriptions.
Likewise, active cooling should be carried out. This material otherwise tends to pull threads. These can then be ground off later. Super glue can be used here to bond over large areas. The material is very weather-resistant. PETG Filaments are food-safe and also UV-resistant. Thus, this material is suitable, for example, for the production of lunch boxes or also for the production of cookie cutters.
It should also be noted that PETG is also available in a metal look as well as in neon colors. It can also be printed transparently. Therefore, there are many interesting fields of application for PETG.
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